Inspiringly International (2018)

For my senior project, I produced a short documentary titled Inspiringly International about the history and core values of the International School of Bellevue; I learnt audio- and video-recording techniques to relay a compelling story.

Guidelines include finding a mentor and several other stakeholders, working outside of the school community, and a final presentation (in my case, a screening of the film). I delivered a fifteen-minute speech to a panel of three expert judges, and wrote a research paper related to the project.

My particular film was used as a recruitment tool and informational guide for potential I.S. families; as International is a lottery, choice school, we are always looking for ways to broaden our community. I spent around 100 hours over the course of two months for my specific project.

International School requires each senior to complete a Senior Project to graduate successfully. At least seventy hours must be spent on the project, although past projects average over ninety hours. The senior project equates to one full semester of coursework.

The paragraph above was modified from resources provided by International School of Bellevue for the college application process.

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